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We are Immortal,

Beyond Life and Death,

Beyond Space and Time.


We are Spiritual Beings,

Having a Physical Experience


I have never seen a Fairy, an Angel, nor any other type of a Spirit Guide.  Divine Guidance gets through with Persistent Thoughts and Feelings


There is Happiness and a sense of Well-being in Spirit dimension,

A Period for the Renewal of the Soul.


"When you Accept what is occurring in the Present Moment,

when you Make it your Friend;

you are in Alignment with what is "

(Guru J. Krishna Murti)


Those who have insight into the Wholeness, Completeness, and Perfection of Reality -- "Exactly As Is" are Awakened, Evolved


April 2008,

A soul visited me, to bring a message.

Many, many coincidences followed, ...


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